Diy or Hire? Here’s All You Need to Know About Installing Garage Doors

Homeowners often prefer DIY installations over hiring a professional to save money on home improvement projects, provided they possess the required skills and knowledge. 

But when it comes to garage door installations, they usually hire professionals because the installation can be complicated and time-consuming. However, you might find a residential garage door supplier offering a DIY series of garage doors, which can help cut installation costs. 

It’s natural to be a bit torn between applying DIY techniques and hiring professional help in such instances. So, we have highlighted certain factors that will make the decision easier for you.

Garage Doors

Factors To Consider 

1. Time 

Replacing a garage door usually requires 2-4 hours, but the installation time may increase based on the complexity of the installation process. If you want to replace an old garage door, the existing hanging hardware can be used to install the new one, as it reduces the installation time and complexity. 

But a brand new garage door installation requires wiring and stud-fitting, which is time-consuming. If you don’t have the time for a complete installation, it’s best to hire a professional and avoid DIY techniques. But, you can stick to DIY installation while replacing your old garage with a new one. 

2. Expertise 

Installing a garage door requires basic electrical and carpentry knowledge. Most basic tools and equipment, like a wrench, hammer, nails, and screwdrivers, might already be available in your toolbox. But, you’ll also have to be well aware of the fundamental principles of construction to install the garage door properly. 

If you don’t have enough experience with DIY installations, hire a professional installer to avoid injuries. Moreover, professional installers use modern equipment to get the job done perfectly and with utmost efficiency. 

3. Required Assistance 

Garage door installation is a two-person job because the doors are quite heavy, and you’ll need assistance to align and mount them correctly in the hanging unit. Metal garage doors are heavier than wooden doors and might require more assistance. Thus, if you can’t find anyone to give you a hand with the DIY installation, hire a professional immediately without taking any risks. 

4. Door Adjustments 

You might need to make adjustments if the door isn’t working smoothly and putting unnecessary pressure on the electrical operator. Under such circumstances, contact a professional installer to make the required adjustments for the safe and proper operation of your new garage door. 


Garage door installation is a home project that can be done by using DIY techniques if you’re a DIY enthusiast. 

However, installing the hanging hardware unit from scratch for a new garage door can be tricky and time-consuming. Garage doors can also be pretty heavy, and you’ll need some assistance to get them correctly installed in the hanging unit. 

In these situations, contact residential garage door suppliers when you don’t have enough time and want to get the job done without much hassle. 

Aileen Loveland

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