3 of the Most Sought After Flowers and When To Get Them

Flowers are synonymous with all the intimate moments of our lives. They are manifestations of beauty and depth. But different flowers have different meanings that develop through time.

Are you wondering what to get your loved one for her birthday? What is the perfect flower for new love? Let us dive into the varieties you can find in florist Mississauga or the shop near you. 

1. Roses

Roses are the most popular flowers in the world. They are colorful parts of all cultures on various occasions.

As you may have guessed, red rosed are the most notorious flowers. They symbolize romantic love and sell out during valentines day. They have been tokens of love for centuries in many countries.

In the modern-day, you can get red-rosed when you take your significant other out on a date. You can even get red roses on a regular day for no particular reason as a token of your love.

You can get them fresh from the nearest florist, and the recipient can put them in a vase filled with water to keep them fresh for days.

Not only do red roses look amazing, but they also have a distinct smell adored by many.

  • While red roses represent love, other roses, like pink, white, and yellow roses, are for other intimate connections.

  • Yellow roses can be for a dear friend as a symbol of friendship, and pink roses can mean thank you as a sign of appreciation. White roses are best for representations of purity.

2. Lilies

Lilies are beautiful and recognized flowers that are present on various occasions. Just like roses, lilies represent different meanings depending on their color.

White lilies are popular for funerals and other forms of sympathy displays because they represent rebirth and a fresh start. They are synonymous with new beginnings and pure gestures.

Yellow lilies represent happiness and joy. They are best for festive occasions and celebrations like holidays, baby showers, house warmings, and so on.

  • Red lilies symbolize a deep passion for a loved one. They go with other treats like a gift of some kind during a sentimental period.

  • Orange lilies are metaphors for energy and strength. They are for patients in a hospital bed or people that are sick at home. It is said to help with recovery and bring good omens to the recipient.

3. Carnations

Despite being associated with mothers day celebrations, carnations are flowers for various occasions. They come in many colors, all representing different virtues and values.

These flowers are bright, often displayed in salons and other rooms to liven up the scene and add flair to the house.

Generally, carnations represent sincerity and truth. But different colors can mean other things.

  • Pink carnations are symbols of a mother’s unrelenting love for her children. Hence they are usually sold out during mothers day.

  • White carnations pay respect to the deceased and as gifts to children because they represent innocence and pure essence.

So as a flower-lover

Check out global leaders florists and hear from a big community to develop your taste.

Flowers add flair to our human existence in all major and minor happenings. You will find a stunning flower for every occasion. Add your taste to your decision-making, and lively up the next event in your life with one of the flowers mentioned above.

Aileen Loveland

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