How to Tell if You Need a Tooth Filling

A dental treatment called a tooth filling includes eliminating decay and restoring the damaged tooth. You could require a root canal and a crown if the damage is severe enough, but that is a distinct dental operation. It’s just a more extensive filling instead. Routine dental check-ups from your Millbrook family dentists are always a superb option to ensure that decay doesn’t spiral out of control.

Tooth Filling

Are you sure you require a dental filling? These indications show that you do need it.


The most frequent indication that you might require a tooth filling is pain. But other signs include sensitivity to particular temperatures, pressure, or sugary foods. Finally, you also require a tooth filling if you suffer sharp or stabbing pain when biting or eating.

There may occasionally be outward indications that you require a filling.

The following are some of these signs:

  • Discolorations on your teeth
  •  A gap in your teeth that you may feel or see.
  • Consistently getting food trapped between particular teeth
  • When a specific section of your floss rips
  • An uneven, fractured, or chipped tooth
  • A missing or broken filling

Bruised Teeth

The most common cause of dental fillings is cavities; however, white composite fillings can also be used to heal damaged teeth. In both situations, these dental fillings stop additional tooth decay and damage in its tracks or at least delay it.

Teeth craze

On teeth, craze lines can occasionally be seen. These vertical lines in the teeth’s enamel are fractured by pressure applied to a tooth. This can be brought on by a lifetime of chewing or habits like jaw clenching, teeth grinding, or nail-biting. Over time, these ugly surface discolour the appearance of teeth. Fortunately, dentists may conceal craze lines and restore the appearance of beautiful teeth by using tooth-coloured filling material. Cosmetic bonding is another name for this type of dental filling.

Teeth wear

Wear Our teeth deteriorate as we become older. The flat biting edges discolour and become ugly as wear takes place. Teeth grinding can lead to tooth wear and injury. This can occasionally result in tooth chipping and additional dental harm.

Again, teeth can be repaired and their surfaces restored by utilising tooth-coloured bonding as a filling. Additionally, these dental fillings enhance your bite and chewing function. Once the fillings are in place, using a night guard at night can stop additional harm.

Do You Require a Filling?

Dentists can treat cavities with tooth fillings to prevent them from developing into more significant dental issues in the future. Fillings can fix cracks and fractures in teeth and fill tiny holes left by tooth disease.

Tooth decay

If the tooth decay is untreated, it can lead to significant issues. Your dentist can create a preventative strategy, so you never require root canal therapy or tooth extraction. In conclusion, dental fillings are beneficial and can help you maintain your smile for a very long time.

Final words

Unfortunately, there aren’t many indicators of tooth deterioration in the beginning. However, if you see any of the following signs, schedule an appointment with your Millbrook family dentist.

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