Top 5 Ways Of Permanently Removing Stubborn Scars On Body

Some people take pride in their scars and flaunt them, while others want them to disappear. 

Since scars can affect your appearance and make you self-conscious, it is understandable why most people would like to get rid of them. So, if you are planning on getting rid of an old scar, it is best to be educated about all the available treatments. 

Let’s take a look at the five ways you can permanently remove the scars on your body. 

Stubborn Scars On Body

Top 5 Ways Of Permanently Removing Stubborn Scars On Body

1. Silicone Gels Or Sheets 

Silicone gels and sheets can be used to heal the skin but not open wounds. They are soft, flexible gels or sheets that are usually applied like a self-adhesive sticker. These sheets are designed to help the skin soften, which in turn flattens the scar.

If you plan on wearing them daily, they can be washed and reused for up to 3 months. Silicone gels or sheets do not require a prescription and can be bought over the counter at a local pharmacy. 

2. Laser Therapy 

Laser therapy is also known as laser skin resurfacing or laser scar revision. It targets the blood vessels, which can, in turn, damage the appearance of scars on body

Although it cannot eliminate the scar, the pulses of light can cause the scar to flatten, reduce redness and lessen the pain, thereby removing the scar to some extent. A doctor or a licensed aesthetician usually carries out laser therapy. 

3. Dermal Fillers 

Dermal fillers are injectable gel-like substances that are injected underneath your skin. They are typically made from hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally firms any scars on your body. They are also occasionally used to plump pitted scars, especially ones that arise from acne scarring. 

4. Chemical Peels 

Chemical peels are used to treat any mild scarring. The chemical solution can dissolve the outer layer of the scarred skin, which increases cell turnover and results in a smoother, less irregular appearance. 

Regardless of which chemical peel you opt for, ensure that you wear sunscreen regularly with constant reapplication. Chemical peels can make the skin extremely sensitive to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, so sunscreen is of utmost importance. 

5. Subcision 

Subcision is a commonly used aesthetic treatment used to treat acne scarring. The procedure involves inserting a tiny needle into your skin to help release the acne scar from the underlying tissue. 

Subcision allows the skin to rise and reduce the appearance of the acne scar and is usually carried out by an aesthetician or a dermatologist. This method can be quite effective for any depressed or indented scars.  

Final Words 

Finally, you can consider microneedling, too, as it is versatile and boosts collagen production. However, it is an intrusive process that uses microneedles to prick the skin and create microchannels.

Learning more about the procedures mentioned above can help, and you can do so by contacting your local aesthetician or dermatologist. 

Aileen Loveland

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